MYShiba Inu

Airdrops Ended

MYShiba Inu ( $MYSHIB ) is redesigning how decentralized meme finance (DeFi) is structured. MYShiba Inu ( $MYSHIB ) is focused on reshaping and evolving the way DeFi works while providing the most degenerate ecosystem ever designed for the necessary advances in DeFi.

How To Get Airdrop?

  1. Connect with your wallet.
  2. Claim your MYSHIB.
  3. Refer your friend to get BNB reward instantly.
  4. Note- You Need To Connect Your MetaMask Or Trust Wallet To Claim MYSHIB Coins Instantly In Your Wallet. Use BEP-20 Wallet To Receive The Token.


  • Total Rewards 550,000
  • Date Start Jan 19, 2022
  • Date End Mar 1, 2022



Rewards: 2,000,000

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Noft Games

Rewards: 600

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Rewards: 10,388

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Eizper Chain

Rewards: 5,000

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Monster City

Rewards: 10,000

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Rewards: 500,000

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