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Airdrops Ended

Welcome to the Pong community, a unique combination of memes and cryptocurrencies for an exhilarating experience! The Pong token powers the games within the Pong ecosystem, allowing you to use and win PNG in a variety of games developed by the Pong team.


Additionally, a 3% tax (1% on BUY transactions and 2% on SELL transactions) will be allocated to the marketing wallet. This allocation is crucial as marketing plays a significant role in the crypto industry, ensuring the continuous growth and exposure of the Pong token. By participating in the token’s ecosystem, the Pong token community can benefit from this allocation.


So, join us at Pong Token as memes spread and the crypto market flourishes!


What is the Pong ecosystem?


1. Staking: Staking is a beneficial opportunity for all Pong members to experience substantial growth in the PNG token.


2. Games: Throughout the Pong journey, we will offer a wide range of engaging and competitive games. As we continue to grow, the competition in these games will intensify.


3. Competition: Our social platform will host numerous competitions, providing exciting races among ourselves.


4. Pong Swap: We are in the process of developing our own swap service, which will enable faster and easier crypto-to-crypto exchange services. With the Pong Swap, you can exchange cryptocurrencies effortlessly, without any hassle.

How To Get Airdrop?

we are giving away 250k ($PNG) tokens which is worth whopping 2500 USD to 250 Lucky winners.

You stand a massive chance to win it! Act now!

Campaign Date: SEP 23nd 18:00 - SEP 30th 18:00 (UTC)

ALL You Need To Do:

1. Follow @Pongtokenbsc on twitter.

2. Like & Retweet the tweet.

3. Visit @Pongtoken on face book.

4. Join Pong token groups Telegram.

5. Must hold Min. 1k $PNG tokens.

*Participants will not be eligible to win if they leave pong Telegram before the winners are announced.


  • Total Rewards 250,000
  • Date Start Sep 23, 2023
  • Date End Sep 30, 2023




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