Tony Tony Chopper

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🀄️Tony Tony Chopper ($TTC) is waiting for you to take over anime season!

Tony Tony Chopper started its way in late March 2022. The aim is to make crypto easier and safer by creating utilities that focus on the safety of investors.


TonyDEX is a dex platform like Dextools where you can find detailed information and live charts of your favorite anime & manga-based tokens.

It will contain unique features such as a rug-check, scores, team information. All at once in the same place.


Create, Buy and Sell NFTs with our upcoming NFT Marketplace!

The marketplace will mainly focus on anime & manga-related NFTs, but you will also be able to collect other NFTs.

The aim is to help underpaid artists.

p2e game

A play-to-earn game the whole anime-season community can fight against other same multiverses characters.

We want to create a space where the whole BSC community can interact with each other.

You will be able to earn there tokens too.



Rumble balls are an unique feature no other token provides. Every day Tony Tony Chopper will eat a Rumble Ball, which will cause one of the following things to happen.


🎾Airdrop Ball — 0,3 BNB Airdrop to a random holder’s wallet

🎾Buyback Ball — Buyback of 0,3 BNB

🎾Burn Ball — Burn 1 Billion tokens

🎾LP fund Ball — Send 0,3 BNB to the Liquidity Pool


Join the main 2022 anime token in Binance Network!

How To Get Airdrop?

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  • Total Rewards 10,000,000,000,000
  • Date Start Apr 14, 2022
  • Date End Apr 17, 2022



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