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Far more than an NFT and blockchain project, KIKI is a Movement. Collaborating with Famous Artists, Cosplayers, Instagram Celebrities, Otaku, Charity, and Animal/Pets Influencers, KIKI will not have its community mainly formed by cryptocurrency and NFT investors. The Majority of KIKI’s Community will be illustrators, artists, art fans, animal lovers, Otaku Communities, and charity communities, which sets KIKI apart from all other projects. KIKI will be trending on social media not as a cryptocurrency nor NFT project, it will be known chiefly by non-crypto people as a charity movement that intends to help animals and, animals’ best friends, human beings.
A 700K followers Cosplayer/Illustrator/Cat-Lover/Instagram-Celebrity is only the start. With KIKI Team’s massive connections in the art industry, the level of artists collaborating with KIKI will blow people’s minds. Besides collaborating with BIG NAMES in the industry, what sets KIKI different from other art projects is that KIKI has the spirit of Blockchain, “”Decentralized””. KIKI welcomes all forms and levels of art creation, we value every single one’s love and effort in making the earth a better place. Imagine thousands of illustrations from the KIKI community on the Time Square Billboard, formed into one huge KIKI icon, says “”Join KIKI’s Journey, Make World A Better Place.”” This is the spirit of how we show love to each other and move forward together as a whole.
One can say: KIKI is the first of her kind. A blockchain project with the love of art and charity, an art project with the spirit of blockchain.

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