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MYShiba Inu ( MYSHIB ) is redesigning how decentralized meme finance (DeFi) is structured.As we progress in the advancement of user-centric apps and work together with partners, MYSHIB should become intrinsic to a higher quality of life.MYSHIB is focused on reshaping and evolving the way DeFi works while providing the most degenerate ecosystem ever designed for the necessary advances in DeFi.

MYSHIB will help usher in this phenomenon by building a digital ecosystem that is a construct of smart communities populated by people and their connection to each other – that facilitates the sharing of information in a way that builds social capital and unlocks economic potential.

MYSHIB long -term plan has been formulated to ensure that the economy is at a stable level and beneficial to investors. Among the plans that have been made include developing MYSHIBSWAP, NFT MYSHIBHUB and MYSHIBMALL.

Myshib is also delegating with Bscscan.Delegating is the process of contributing one’s digital asset to public validator,to help conduct PoS validation and earn rewards.Delegating is a critical part of participating in many proof of stake protocols.Out of necessity or desire,delegators can participate in the network and earn reward all without having to operate a validators.We delegate 30% from our marketing wallet to a validator node and in exchange for locking the value of our asset to the node,earn percentage of total block reward earned by that validator.This system is to ensure the continuity of the economic level of MYSHIB can last a long time and create various investment opportunities for our investors in the future.

Disclaimer: All content provided here on our website is for general information only. We make no warranties of any kind with respect to our content. Do your own research, review, analyze and verify our content before buying this coin.

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  • Added February 1, 2022
  • Launch Feb 1, 2022


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