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  1. Hello everyone , i dont know how to describe this better but here i am literaly begging for help 🥺 i cant post the full story now but i will post little by little day by day off what happened to me and my daughter. Basicly the current situation is that i lost custody off my daughter because i have debts (credit, loans… ) and i have them because i had to take them to provide for her at all and ima explain why during some posts that will come day by day as i can write because i dont have a lot off time because im now working a full time job and i am finding part time jobs asweal doing my best to payy of the debts so i can take care of her (need free time obviusly because she is in kindergaten and i am a single dad only one able to take care of her) , anyways i have debt of 22 000 $ and it was 27 k i managed to down it a little paying off little little of what i had left on the end of the month .And im here begging i know a lot of you will think its a scam and some will not want to help just because i mean i get it why not but im gonna still try , if you want to report this channel please dont , dont be that guy ho is so bored in life that will destroy a thing that will help someone but for real , and i will prove that is real day by day by posting doxing and i will show all the money transactions going to paying off the debt and if it happens i hope it will reunion with my daughter 😊 She is curently in a socials home department and she will stay there till they find foster home or till i am situted good enough to take care of her ( no dept and enough income which i can manage with only working in the mornings because obviously i need to be with her after daycare i cant manage it curently because the dept is taking half my pay every month that is the main big isue with it ) and if you have any question or want to know deeper ima be glad to join vc with you privatly and dm and so on . Just please if you have any will to help donate whatever amount or you can help by shilling this whatever . I am geniualy asking for help because i am doing all my best working 12-16 hrs a day but its not enough , for everyone that will help in any way thank you from the bottom of my heart 🥰

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