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SEA Token is the first crypto project ever to fully fund a PhD with crypto! Their new SeaStarter environmental kickstarter platform is a novelty that will change research funding.

The token itself is a deflationary cryptocurrency designed to feed organisations working to save our seas with financial resources, and to support the development of our environmental dApps. All transactions except buy orders on Pancakeswap trigger a 5{c4571d1db223f85a5d8514bf90d6dc5137e0921e26b0b8de4e7cf547ad49f4df} tax. 2{c4571d1db223f85a5d8514bf90d6dc5137e0921e26b0b8de4e7cf547ad49f4df} goes to our partners to fund their work saving our seas, 1{c4571d1db223f85a5d8514bf90d6dc5137e0921e26b0b8de4e7cf547ad49f4df} is locked into the liquidity pool, and 2{c4571d1db223f85a5d8514bf90d6dc5137e0921e26b0b8de4e7cf547ad49f4df} is shared out between all current holders of SEA – so you earn tokens just for holding, no farming necessary.

Our partners include Sea Shepherd, Oceanic Preservation Society, Coral Reef Alliance, 5 Gyres, GreenWave, FishAct, Project AWARE and Gili Eco Trus. Sea Token CIC is a community interest company in the U.K.

Disclaimer: All content provided here on our website is for general information only. We make no warranties of any kind with respect to our content. Do your own research, review, analyze and verify our content before buying this coin.

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  • Added November 20, 2021
  • Launch Apr 26, 2021


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