Digital Asset Modernization Rules Released, Bitcoin Et Al Stronger

Posted on March 29, 2022 in Cryptocurrency

Jakarta – Pasaran aset crypto kelihatan cerah pagi ini, Selasa (29/3/2022). Coinmarketcap dilancarkan pagi ini, 7 daripada 10 aset kripto terbesar mengikut had pasaran telah bergerak dalam warna hijau sepanjang 24 jam yang lalu.

Mata wang kripto yang paling berkilat pagi ini ialah Terra (LUNA), yang meningkat sebanyak 5.3 peratus pada $99.4, bersamaan dengan 1.4 juta rupee (kadar pertukaran 14,359 rupee setiap dolar AS). Peningkatan itu diteruskan oleh Ethereum (ETH) pada $3,350, atau peningkatan 2.1%, atau Rs 48 juta.

Solana (SOL) dan Bitcoin (BTC) diikuti dengan kenaikan 1.2 peratus, masing-masing pada $107.7 dan $47,300. Binance (BNB) juga meningkat 0.9 peratus pada $433.16, dan Cardano (ADA) pada $1.18, naik 0.3 peratus.

Polkadot (DOT) was slightly weaker this morning with a 0.9% decline at $ 22.19. Similarly, Dogecoin (DOGE) was down 0.08 percent at $ 0.14.

This morning, Tether (USDT) was up 0.001 percent at $ 1, in contrast to the U.S. Dollar (USDC) which was at $ 0.9, down 0.02 percent. For information, USDT and USDC are stablecoin -denominated cryptocurrencies or a type of cryptocurrency created to offer a stable rate against the US dollar.

Citing Coindesk, the release of US President Joe Biden’s budget proposal for 2023 overshadows today’s movement in crypto assets. Among the proposals are discussions to update rules around digital assets that are said to generate additional $ 11 billion in revenue by 2032.

The budget proposal also discusses plans to expand the capacity of the Justice Department to combat cyber threats related to hostage software and cryptocurrency misuse.

Among the digital asset rules the government wants to update are changing market -to -market rules to include digital assets, requiring some taxpayers to report foreign digital asset accounts, filing information by financial institutions and crypto brokers, and exempting securities loan taxes.

The rule update is expected to generate about $ 11 billion in revenue between 2023-2032, with more than $ 4.8 billion from the first year of market rules applied to digital assets.

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