Investors In The Crypto Market Is Bearish, Here Are The Steps That Need To Be Done

Posted on May 16, 2022 in Cryptocurrency

COINHOT – Members of Zipmex Indonesia are several steps that investors can take in the midst of pressured conditions in the crypto asset market.

Zipmex Indonesia’s Head of Growth, Siska Lestari, said that investors need to rebalance the proportion of assets in their investment portfolio, they should review crypto assets that do not have long-term value and study the strength of the fundamental alarm.

“Information about an asset base can be studied through a whitepaper in which the cryptographic price finds the building team, the history of buying and selling, and the capitalization of the asset/5/5/”

Then, said Siska, investors need to spend more time conducting more in-depth due diligence on NFT projects and other crypto assets.

According to him, fluctuating market conditions are the right time to assess the strength of basic NFT projects, or other crypto asset-based projects and the professionalism of the team behind them.

“Projects with a strong foundation will have a more solid resistance to sentiment and a team that will still be there to answer investor questions,” said Siska.

In addition, investors should also use the Legal platform that provides interest bonuses, where some platforms have features that provide bonuses in the form of interest on every crypto asset that is deposited.

“Through this feature, investors will still get the growth of crypto assets regardless of price fluctuations to choose fiat currency assets. Of course’s also need a platform that has regulator regansya .

Siska also asked investors to find out the latest market conditions from trusted sources, because most crypto assets do have a fairly high volatility.

Therefore, Siska said, it is important to choose the right crypto assets according to their risk profile and pay attention to market dynamics developments.

In addition to these methods, of course, investors also need to do independent research and invest in crypto assets according to their respective profiles, the risks they have and choose an investment platform that has specific characteristics.

As in the case of changes in the price of LUNA assets, said Siska, Zipmex has a unique way of protecting its investments.

“To protect portfolio users, we have delisted the LUNA D-platform Zipmex asset. As compensation, all LUNA assets owned by Zipmex users will be converted into USDT assets,” said Siska.


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