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We believe that community is the commerce of the future. Imagine a tokenmunity coming together with the singular common focus of increasing the wealth of everyone involved! The blockchain is the perfect mechanism to allow this to happen. The TruBadger tokenomics allows the resources to assemble the best team that can then leverage the collective intelligence, finance, energy, network, and talent of the community and industry experts. We can develop innovations in the crypto and blockchain space and build out improved tools to make integration of the blockchain easier, more efficient, and accessible for all, allowing further expansion of the growth of the cryptoverse.

Disclaimer: All content provided here on our website is for general information only. We make no warranties of any kind with respect to our content. Do your own research, review, analyze and verify our content before buying this coin.

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    1. Surround yourself with people who know more than you and learn from them. Proven success leaves a trail, you do not have to fear the outcome when the community is all about you winning. #trubadger, get you some Now!!!

    2. TruBadger #TRUBGR is a super project with excellent team support. The Token is growing organically and steadily. You can trust the project with a life time investment without regret. The most important aspect is the committed community who understand why they rusted the team with their funds. The project just began a week a ago, and it’s so hot

    3. Wow! I finally found the token that will take me to the moon! I can’t believe that I was actually in the right place at the right time! And it will all happen in My Lifetime! Here we come bucket list!!! Cheer TruBGR community!

    4. Launch Team is amazingly helpful and encouraging. Had the Tools to walk a crypto newbie like me through the process and took the time to sway my barriers of frustration and anxiety so I could enter the market with knowledge and confidence. It’s been a great and productive experience to work with this group.

    5. I have never seen such a dedicated team that is constantly reaching out to anyone who has questions or needs help setting things up. I swear, they must never sleep. So blessed to be part of this opportunity where community matters. Trubadger is doing things right.

    6. What does 3% reflection really mean? It means my number of tokens increased in a 12 hour period by 1,911,228 tokens just because I’m a token holder. Do the math folks. This is free money to sweeten your investment

    7. I just invested in some Trubadger for my grandchildren. Even though they don’t know it, they will definitely be long term hodlers. No doubt, I’ll be “the best grandma ever” when they are old enough to understand what they have. Big things are coming, grab your bag now, of course after you dyor.

    8. Trubadger community of holders is the strong based of the token & every reward to hold onto their token from every piece of transaction fee they receive not words just mere words of thank or promises.

    9. First project of trubadger launches this August focus on anti-bot & whale of new token coming into crypto space for sure will bring more credibility to the entire space especially to holders , into bring much value to its holders too